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Beautiful & Friendly

"When I moved in I felt like I was home. A lot of the staff and residents contributed to that."

Assisted Living - Barbara H.

Exceptional Facility. Exceptional Staff.

"The Preserve at Clearwater is an exceptional Assisted Living Facility. The administrators understand dementia and the needs of the residents. They clearly communicate and model best practices for the staff. The staff has established great relationships with my wife and ensure that she feels safe and comfortable. Despite the dementia and great anxiety that my wife had been experiencing for a year at home, she adjusted beautifully to her new “home” at The Preserve within one week, due to the exceptional staff. My family and I consider this a miracle."

Memory Care Primary Contact - Edward S.

Quality & Entertainment

"I don’t know any other places with the quality services we have. Good entertainment and programs."

Assisted Living Resident - James E.

Peace of Mind

"I never have to worry if my father is safe or being well cared for. The Preserve has not let our family down, even once, during the 10 months my dad has lived there. That gives my immediate and extended family peace of mind."

Assisted Living Primary Contact - Mary Anne L.

Made the Right Decision

"Knowing that so many, from the directors (Rhonda & Joe) to those who care for Mom on a daily basis, have taken the time to get to know Mom on a personal level. They share various stories about Mom with me when I visit, which continually confirms that I made the right choice when choosing The Preserve to care for my Mom."

Memory Care Primary Contact - Matthew K.

Well Attended

"My mother has been so happy at The Preserve Clearwater! She feels safe, well attended to and well socialized. Her late husband stated it was the best decision he ever made moving himself and my mother to such a welcoming, attentive environment!"

Assisted Living Primary Contact - Susan S.

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